Appliances Safes Chair/Bar Stool (Metal base)
File Cabinets Mail Box(Metal) Table (Metal base)
Grills Ranges Weed Eaters
Lawn Mowers Microwave Fans
AC Units Motors Seal Units

Note: Mail Box, Fans,Table, Chair/Bar Stool need to be steel predominant, we do accept with minimum cushion, wood or plastic

Copper & Brass

Insulated Wires Faucets & Fixtures Extension Cords
Keys Pot/Pan/Cups Home Décor
Silverware Pipes/Wires  


Pots & Pans Patio Chairs/Table  
Tailgate/Beach Chairs Siding Windows & Door
Gutters Metal Roof Beverage /Beer Cans

Note: Tables, Chairs, need to be Aluminum predominant, We do accept with minimum cushion, wood or plastic

Stainless Steel

Sinks Pots & Pans  Silverware Appliances


Computer Towers All Cords All Charging Adapters
Data Cables Lap Tops Cell Phones

Note: We do not accept Monitors and Printers

Items Not Accepted

  • Plastic, glass and wood
  • Sinks, commodes, porcelain/ceramic
  • Fuel Tanks without 12 - one inch holes
  • Tires (fee charged if mounted on vehicle)
  • Unspent Air Bag Canisters
  • Barrels, drums, (Some drums accepted if they are empty and have a large inspection hole)
  • Aerosol cans
  • Closed containers or cylinders
  • Garbage, rags, paper, or other debris (we do not buy cardboard)
  • Steel turnings mixed with other materials
  • Capacitors
  • Television Sets/Computer Monitors
  • Rolls of Banding
  • Propane Tanks (unless valve removed)
  • Radioactive Material
  • Hydraulic cylinders (unless 1/4" hole drilled in top and bottom)
  • Appliances containing CFC fluid